My Approach

I’ll be the first to say I am not a fortune teller. I don’t believe in single, set paths that determine our fate. I feel that the trail we walk is one we create ourselves. Though we have the ability to shape our own paths, we cannot control the weather, the density of the forest, or the obstacles placed in our way. Tarot helps us to discover where and how we want to forge that path. It aids us in finding shelter during the storms, our way through the trees, and how to handle those obstacles. It guides us to see what isn’t always immediately visible in us but is absolutely there.

I’ve been practicing cartomancy since my early teens when my abuela offered to teach me how to read with playing cards. Upon turning over the ace of spades, she promptly put away the deck, crossed herself, and lit a candle to St. Jude. The power of cards on her thoughts that day made an immense impression that I’ve never forgotten.

Although I rarely use playing cards to read now–tarot decks are so much prettier!–I’m still deeply in love with cartomancy and have found it to be one of the best comforts in my life. I can only hope it will provide the same feeling for others.